Most important Sustainable Development Goals for third world countries


Sustainable Development Goals for third world countries

Having a better life is something every human desiring. From a qual chance to work, get an education, move around, and express himself. As the United Nations have a plan in mind to enable this for every world citizen we looked at what would be the most crucial 3 goals to start in third world countries.

Among the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, the three that stood out for me was Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. These three seems to apply to the third world countries the best since the daily problems of most citizens revolve around the scope of these goals.

Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality education

Most people in third world countries, even if they finish college, aren’t that smart enough to understand most things, or they lack reading comprehension. The majority of people are not even able to finish college. Other nations don’t even qualify the quality of our education as being on par with them. These symptoms show how bad education is in third world countries.

Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. The third world countries suffer from low employment rate; it is evident from the numbers of slackers and bystanders present on the street. The third world countries should focus on creating jobs rather than focusing on sending valuable workforce to other countries. Minimum wage is also one of the problems and reasons why there are many people abroad working the work they are not supposed to by their education.

Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. Only a few cities and regions pay attention to their surroundings, and there are a lot of slum areas in urban cities. This goal is suitable since the citizens of the third world countries tend to litter, making the surroundings dirtier.

By having more bamboo used as construction material, we could see huge improvement in our future cities.

Expert Opinion: Manuel Castells

Manuel Castells believes that networks are essential and is the basic unit of society and that there is an explosion of horizontal networks of communication. Horizontal communication is vital in empowering your peers as it makes you seem like you are putting yourself in their shoes, it can let them feel that you are all equals and that no one is on top of the other. This way of communicating lets others feel at ease when they are at work with a team that is using this way of communication.

Nationalism and Sustainable Development Goals

Nationalism is like a perverted form of patriotism, while patriotism means being proud of a country because of what it does, nationalism is being proud of the country no matter what it’s done. Being a nationalist significantly affects the economy, whether it is locally or globally; being a nationalist is like you are just a worker working for the hive mind which is the leader. It means that no matter what the leader decides on, you’ll accept it as a fact, and this thinking is somewhat toxic. If the leader recommends a product, you’ll buy it with no second thoughts. This thinking has a significant effect on the global economy because what if the leader bans a global or local product, it can lead to a considerable fluctuation of the economy of the nation.

What at the end affects how we work towards executing Sustainable Development goals

Technology and Sustainable Development Goals

Technology is another essential thing of this era; it made the life of most citizens easier. Through technology, things had begun to move faster; it changed the pace of the world. Items expensive back then became a lot cheaper, travelling a lot easier, and communicating a lot better. Technology is a thing you might not be able to live without in this era. Since technology is such a big player, global economies rely on it more than you can imagine, remove the technological advancements of a nation and their economy will start to plummet. The effects brought by technology is nothing to be sneered at, and if one country fails to improve, it might be the end for their economy.

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