Top Five Ultimate Benefits of Opting PPC Advertising to Grow Your Business

PPC Advertising to Grow Your Business

Advertising on a digital platform is one of the most effective ways to generate leads from the internet. PPC is short for Pay per Click. It may also be called CPC or Cost per Click. Popularly known as Google Advertising, Paid Search or ads in Search engines can result in increased visibility or popularity for any business. There are rarely any risk factors involved in digital marketing.

The basis of PPC is that the advertiser pays the publisher for the number of clicks his ad receives on the internet. Google lists your ads at the top of relevant search lists, and you pay for only the number of leads generated from it. The more clicks you get, the more money you earn. The best thing is Pay Per Click schemes are not bound by search engines and their tricky algorithm. Because of its simplicity, PPC is the most opted revenue generation method by all sorts of businesses – big or small. 

CPC: What Is Cost Per Click?

Digitalization has resulted in a lot of changes around us. We are simply one click away from almost everything. All thanks to the search engines which filter through thousands of websites to present the best results. And this has resulted in severe competition amongst sites. To excel in this competition, most website owners revert to SEO tactics.

What Is CPC?

CPC or Cost per click is the amount generated every time a visitor click on the PPC ads in the platforms like Google Adwords or Bing Ads, which are displayed on your website 

The value of Cost per click is determined by numerous factors such as the maximum bid on the ads, the ad rank of the various other advertisers who are bidding on the very same keyword, as well as the quality score of your website. 

 CPC is termed as an important metric as the costs, and the clicks generated tend to add up fast. If the CPC goes too high, then you will not be able to achieve most out of your advertising investments.

What’s a Good CPC in AdWords?

The ROI of the Adwords is determined by the price you are paying for the generation of the click and the nature of your traffic, which you are getting from the clicks as mentioned above. You certainly do not want just any quality of traffic. If you are investing your money in it, you will certainly want good returns out of it. The price you pay must be worthy of the traffic you get, because you certainly do not want just any random traffic, but visitors who turn into your potential customers. 


PPC Management or Pay-per-click management is a process which is used to manage the amount a company is spending on PPC ads. This method is used as a part of the strategy to minimize a company’s overall expenditure on advertisements. Many times, the merchant or vendors manage this on their own. However, it is a better option to hire a social media optimization company to this on their behalf and focus on their core business.

PPC is considered a method that is still evolving. It is not yet optimized but can be effective most of the times. 

PPC Management

Most of the times, companies refrain from hiring PPC management experts. They are unaware of the fact that most of the time, these PPC management experts help the company make more money than they charge for providing the service. This also increases the efficiency of the business. 

The companies which are new to the field of advertising, lack an in-house advertising team, small companies which don’t have sufficient staff to take care of the PPC process or the organization who are unable to afford the database along with the software and an expert should hire third-parties to provide them with the service at much better rates.

Pay Per Click Process

The Pay Per Click Process includes many interconnected subjects. These include

  • Keyword Analysis: It is a technique used to discover as well as target certain ad words or search queries that will be entered by most of the leads for the company.
  • Channel Strategy: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and paid social media placements is one of the best channels when it comes to PPC marketing strategy.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring of the search words that are being used by the leads is an important aspect when it comes to finding out the commonly used keywords or queries. This allows the company to focus on the most common searches.
  • Competitive Analysis: An important aspect of any marketing strategy is to keep an eye on the competitors. It might be useful to use the queries that the competitor is overlooking instead of bidding on the queries which are being used by them.
  • Negative Match: Optimization of ads is useful in filtering out the users who come under a category that is considered not a possible convert. E.g., A company that sells luxury cars might want to present their ads which are earning above a certain amount. A restaurant would only want to show their ads to the customers who live close by.
  • A/B Testing: To optimize the PPC ROI, regular split testing is one of the best methods. This method presents a certain webpage to 50% of the userbase and an alternate version to the rest of them. This is used to find out the effectiveness of the different designs. To ensure that the results are not getting affected by an uneven number of users, it becomes necessary to split the pages among the users in a proper way.

The retailer attempts at increasing the rate of conversion. The scenario of popular conversion might include the purchase of a product (it is first and foremost conversion criteria), subscription to a service, signing up for a newsletter or answering the survey questions are also considered successful conversions. 

Brief process of pay per click campaign:

The amount for Pay-Per-Click is calculated by dividing the amount spent on the campaign by the number of clicks that were made during the campaign. 

The formula looks like this: Pay-Per-Click = Advertising cost / Ads clicked.

There are two methods to determine the value of Pay-Per-Click.

  • Flat-Rate PPC: In this method, the advertiser and the publisher agree on an amount that will be given for each click made. The publishers have a rate card which shows the rate of PPC for different sections of their websites. The rate depends on the content of the page, which means that the page with content that attracts higher visitors will charge more than the one which attracts fewer.
  • Bid Based PPC: In case more than one advertiser are trying to get a page, then they need to compete against one another to gain the rights. The advertisers inform the hosts, the maximum amount that they will be paying for a spot or a keyword. 

Let us understand more about the top five benefits of opting PPC for your business.

  • Bigger Impact: Millions of people surf the internet every day, searching for different products and services. About more than 3.8 million searches happen on Google per minute. Because of such exposure, many users are drawn towards the relative advertisements showcased online. This creates innumerable opportunities for businesses to advertise and lure in more customers. With the use of PPC ads, the conversion rates are relatively high. 
  • Quick and Effective Results: Pay per Click advertisements is just as effective as Search Engine Optimization. Also, its swift results are an additional advantage compared to the usual SEO tactics. In today’s digitally racing world, speed is important for development. PPC’s quick and effective results help you catch up with the increasing demands for popularity.
  • First Impression: The first impression has to be the best. PPC can help you create a very effective first impression. When the customers online see your ad above the search results, they tend to think your products and services are remarkable. The PPC ads contribute not only to your online sales but also your offline client traffic. 
  • Target Oriented: Other kinds of digital marketing services have complex factors and requirements. But PPC advertising directly focuses on target clients. Your website traffic will automatically increase if you receive millions of clicks via PPC Ads. Like Search Engine Optimization, you can drive the maximum clientele who will genuinely be interested in your services or products. 
  • PPC enhances business development: With PPC Advertisements, your business will improve its standard and brand credibility. With more number of sales, leads and revenue, your business will secure the top position. 

should your business go with PPC or SEO?

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