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What tools are available to help me with writing?

No matter what type of article it is, writing requires a lot of effort, from planning the article to researching, writing, and then optimizing it, each h every step requires loads and loads of energy. A lot of details are needed to be considered so that the article is readable and likable by the consumer. It also should rank high on the search engine; otherwise, there is no point in it.

Each n every content writer has gone through this phase, where they have thought that the article, they thought would require a minimum amount of time and effort takes up a considerable amount of time. This is why all of us look for tools that can help us in improving the article.

Here is a list of tools that will help you form articles that are perfect and help you improve your content writing process.


Nowadays each n every one of us is using Grammarly, an article which has perfect grammar will never get appreciated, but a piece that has a lack of it will never get accepted or acknowledged. If your article has teeny tiny grammar issues, it will always get discredited, no matter what type of useful information you are trying to provide.

At times it gets pretty hard to find these grammar issues on your own, so for you to get rid of these issues, and form the perfect article then opt for Grammarly, the paid version will also help you in checking the structure and will also provide word variations, so that the article doesn’t lack its depth. That’s not it.

Grammarly will continuously check your google docs, Facebook posts, twitter, etc. so that whatever you are posting is grammatically correct. This is perfect for the ones who are trying to expand their social media presence. It is easy to use the tool to improve your posts, blogs, articles, etc.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway App is perfect for the ones who are looking for tools that will help you in writing a readable content. Readable content is the one that has simple language and easily conveys the message.
The content posted online should have shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs so that reading and understanding the content become easy.

The free version of the Hemingway will grade the content as well as provide suggestions on improving the content, and it will also detect the passive voice, keep a count on the adverbs, and even tell the writer whether the sentences are hard to read or not. The only factor that you need to keep in mind is that the word readability has a different meaning, and they solely depend upon your target market.


Maintaining the word count is very important; a lot of times, the writer is asked to stick to the word count. This is what the Wordcounter does; it counts the words you have written and also counts the paragraphs, sentences, characters, etc. It also measures the reading level and lets you know whether your paragraph is easy to read and is easy to comprehend.
The tool makes an estimate of reading and speaking time, and it also spots the overused words.


Siteliner will help you in creating original content, and it is a fact now that plagiarism might land you up in a lot of trouble, so much so that if your website has content that can be found anywhere else, then even the search engines will not show the content and penalize the site for using plagiarised content

Siteliner, will scan your content and then proceed on to looking for the duplicate content if any. If you are someone who is extra cautious, then you can also search for single sentences and phrasing to check whether everything is original.


This tool is a writing coach, a style guide, as well as an online editor. The editor will also highlight a range of pitfalls like abstract words, overused words, grammar issues, etc.
This editing tool will do an in-depth analysis of the document you have uploaded and then guide you in improving the strength and clarity of the documents.


Something that bothers us is a constant distraction, and whenever we are closer to the deadline, everything starts to look enticing except for the work we have to finish. This is where a Focus writer comes and helps you, and the tool has a distraction-free interface, so all you can do is write without looking at other stuff as well as the clutter on the laptop.
If you are writing your first draft, then it’s the best, but if you are writing your second or third draft, which required editing, then you better not use this.


Writing the initial draft is always troublesome and tiresome, the draft will allow you to collaborate online with other writers and then help you in working. For the ones whoare in search of a google docs alternative, then this is perfect. The interface of the application is such that it reduced the distractions and also allows you to accept and decline any editorial changes from 0thers.

The best feature of the draft is that it comes with a “mark draft” button that will allow you to save drafts and then compare them side by side. The tool will track the number of the words you have written each day, and then proceed on to send email reminders so that you can meet the daily word count goal. It is perfect for the users who have a hard time working from home, and it helps them maintain the accountability of their work.


Writing a paragraph can turn into a huge hassle, especially during those days when you are distracted or just not able to work. The tools listed above will help you not only in writing but bringing out a piece that is appreciated by each n every hour. This list has tools that will help you correct your grammar, check plagiarism, and keep the distractions away. I hope this list helps.

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