Painting Wooden Furniture Living Room

8 Tips How To Prepare Wooden Furniture For Painting

When we decided to do a painting for wooden furniture, then there are a couple of things before we need to consider. As is known, by applying paint on the furniture we will get a display that can be matched to the style of decoration that we apply to a room. Painting Wooden Furniture Living Room 8 Tips How To Prepare Wooden Furniture For Painting

It is one kind of work that will make us save even more money when we are redecorating in a room where we do not need to buy new furniture in order to bring a fresh look of the room. Here are 8 tips on how to prepare for painting wooden furniture.

  1. Preparation we need to do first is to make sure we have the furniture that has clean surfaces. We can do the sanding on every piece of furniture we are going to re-paint. Make sure all the old paint and varnish peeling from furniture body. Perform sanding slowly by choosing the type of sandpaper that smooth. Do not forget to scour every nook and cranny.
  2. When we have done sanding on furniture, then the next preparation we need to do before applying the paint is clean up the remnants of abrasives of any furniture using a clean sponge. Make sure no sawdust that is still attached to the furniture.
  3. The next tips we need to do is to choose the color and type of paint that suits our needs and tastes. There are many choices of paint colors that we can get at the store fixtures. Choose colors that match the decor of the house.
  4. The next preparation is to make sure the furniture in pristine condition and dry before applying the paint with the colors we select.
  5. Perform painting the entire piece of furniture and let it dry for 24 hours. After that, we can add the next layer of paint to get the desired color and let dry again.
  6. Make sure we apply a thin layer of paint on any furniture. It would be better for us to do the painting several times by applying paint lighter thinner than it is better than applying one painting with a heavy sweep.
  7. Before we replace the accessories on furniture, apply a sealer on the furniture back and let dry at least 12 hours. It is very important to do because if we do not apply the sealer, then the furniture would be at risk of cracks and breaks down more quickly.
  8. Upon applying the first sealer and let it dry, then we can do the sanding furniture back to eliminate inconsistencies in the sealer. After that, reapply the sealer for the second time and the furniture will look like new.

Do the painting on the furniture is one way that many homeowners do with a limited budget in order to provide a fresh and new look to a room. It is a job that does not require a high level of skill that anyone can do it, including us.

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