Adding Stone to Your Home’s Exterior

There are a number of reasons you might be interested in sprucing up your home exterior with the addition of stone. Perhaps you want to enhance the style of your home or add to the curb appeal for your own enjoyment. Or maybe you’re performing upgrades with the goal of increasing the value for eventual resale. It could be far more practical than that – you might be adding stone to your home exterior in an effort to slow deterioration caused by the elements or to bolster sagging walls. In any case, there are a few things you’ll want to think about before you simply start adding stone features willy-nilly.

First, you should consider the different stone options available and which are going to work best for your particular project. If you want to put up an entire wall made of stone, for example, you should know that your project will not only be pricy, but you could also face some practical issues. A wall made of solid stone is likely to be extremely heavy, and this could require some architectural finesse to ensure safety and longevity of your structure. On the other hand, you could always add a stone veneer instead. These products are not natural stone, but rather facades created from molds of natural stone. They are lightweight and inexpensive compared to natural stone, but if you’re covering a large area, they are an ideal way to replicate the look you want with far less risk.

There are also several projects for which natural stone is preferable. If you want to add railings, pillars, planter boxes, or a retaining wall in stone, there’s no reason not to use products like stone pavers that can give you both the look of natural stone and the strength and durability needed for support. You can also use natural stone as an accent on the corners of your home, as a border for an existing chimney (either to reinforce old architecture or simply mask it with a more modern style) or as a wraparound on the lower third of your facade, for added visual interest. The right stone product for your home exterior project is out there and you can choose wisely when you take both form and function into consideration.

You might also want to think about using native stone if you’re interested in eco-friendly building, since locally-sourced materials tend to create less waste (and often cost less, as well). And of course, pricing is going to play a role in the decision-making process since you’re probably working on a budget. But whether you elect to purchase natural stone products or you prefer to Buy Faux Stone because there are so many high-end, natural looking products available these days, you can find suitable products within your price range. The important thing is to take your time, do some research to determine which stone products are right for your home exterior and your project, and then comparison shop to find the price you can afford. The end result will be a beautiful addition to your home that increases both value and enjoyment.

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