5 Helpful Feng Shui Home Remodeling Tips

The truth of the matter is that your home is a castle – it doesn’t matter what size or shape. For this exact reason, you want to be sure that you decorate accordingly. When it comes to interior design, one of the most serene and practical guiding principles surrounds an ancient Chinese philosophy of centeredness and spiritual alignment. Of course, you have probably heard of feng shui, but there is a good chance that you don’t really know what some of its guidelines are. The truth of the matter is that you could be designing your home in a way that makes you more grounded while at the same time beautifying your interior surrounding. Here are five helpful feng shui home remodeling tips.

  1. Keep everything tidy – especially in your kitchen where it is difficult to keep things tidy. Your kitchen is a difficult to place to keep things organized. For this reason, you want to include lots of storage options in your remodeling plan. It doesn’t matter if you hire William & Son Remodeling, or another remodeling contractor, you want to have lots of space to hide foodstuffs and appliances.
  2. Create mirror images – adding doubles of certain furniture pieces can create a sense of balance. When you are remodeling your home, you want to be sure that you create the space to include mirror images of different furniture pieces or furniture accents. For instance, you may want to make room for two love seats or two coffee tables. Having mirror images of furniture in your home will significantly boost your chi.
  3. Include lots of elements of red within your home – red is the color of power and love. When you do finish the remodel of a certain room, you want to be sure that you paint your walls with a deep red color. Indeed, red symbolizes love, power and passion. These were all important ideals during the times when feng shui was practiced in almost every single home in ancient China. They are just as important today. If you painted your walls red, love and power will come into your life.
  4. Hang lots of photographs – it will improve your feng shui. Once you have your walls built, and after you paint, you want to be sure that you add photographs to your walls. When you add photographs, you want to include lots of happy photographs of your family. Indeed, a big part of feng shui is happiness. If you have happy photographs – with lots of smiling and fun – more and more happiness will come into your life.
  5. Make room for a garden in your remodeling plans. When you remodel, there’s no use in making your interior feng shui if you aren’t going to take measures to make your exterior feng shui. This is why you want to think about building a beautiful garden or some other kind of oasis in your backyard. For instance, a flowing garden will add a beautiful element of positivity to your living arrangement. In the end, feng shui is all about positivity.

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