Storm Window Benefits for Homeowners

Whether you live in a place that has a particularly cool climate year-round or you simply want to do a bit of weather-proofing before the winter season arrives, something that you should invest in are storm windows. Although they tend to run you around $100 a piece, there are so many reasons why they are well worth the investment.

If while looking over your household budget, you’d like to know some of the benefits of having storm windows before buying them, here are five that will convince you to purchase some just as soon as you possibly can:

Storm windows help to preserve your windows. One of the benefits that comes with having external storm windows is that they are built in such a way that they will protect your interior windows from harsh weather elements. So, whether it’s a heavy rainfall, a blizzard, or even hail, you won’t have to worry about your interior windows being damaged by any of these things.

Storm windows help to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature. If you’re someone who has trouble with drafts coming from your windows, no longer will this be an issue if you have some storm windows installed. That’s because they serve as a buffer in the sense that they provide additional insulation that can help to keep all of the rooms of your house at a comfortable temperature.

Storm windows help to decrease energy costs. Being that storm windows will help to protect your home from outdoor temperatures, this results in a decrease in energy costs. There are studies which indicate that storm windows can help to save you as much as 20-30 percent on your monthly energy bills.

Storm windows help to add value to your home. If you were to ask someone who works at The Window Source about another advantage that comes with storm window installation, something that they might tell you is that storm windows can also help to add value to your house. Being that they help to keep heating and cooling costs down, storm windows are ideal for prospective buyers who are looking for the kind of home that is energy-efficient. If you plan on putting your house on the market at some point, having storm windows is an additional selling point.

Storm windows help to save you money. Finally, storms windows are an awesome investment because they help to save you money. Aside from the reduction in energy costs, they are low-maintenance. Plus, if your windows are at the point where they need to be replaced or you have single-pane windows that could use an upgrade and you’re on a tight budget, storm windows are an effective alternative. Another awesome thing about storm windows is, in most cases, you can install them yourself. That way, you don’t have to spend additional money on hiring a professional to put them in for you. If you’d like to read some information on the best storm windows to buy, visit Lowe’s and put “storm window buying guide” into the search field. If you’d like some tips on how to install storm windows yourself, visit This Old House or Bob Vila and put “installing storm windows” into the search field.

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