How to Protect and Maintain Your Roof

Can you imagine what your life would be like without your roof? Aside from the fact that it protects your home from rain and snow, it also helps to keep the rooms in your house at a comfortable temperature all year round, too.

That’s why it’s so important to do all that you can to protect and maintain your roof at all times. Not only does this mean getting it professionally inspected once a year and creating a budget to have it replaced every 20-30 years, but it also requires doing a few additional things as well.

If you’d like to know what you personally can do in order to keep your roof in great shape, this article will provide you with five great tips:

Check for missing or broken shingles. Every few months, something that you should do is inspect your roof (and around your yard) for signs of missing or broken shingles. You also may want to look up at your ceilings and along the sides of your walls to see if you notice any water rings. If you do have a few damaged shingles, in most instances, you can actually replace them yourself (if you have several, you should get a professional’s assistance). For tips on how to fix your own shingles, visit This Old House or Instructables and put “how to fix your own shingles” into the search field.

Look to see if your roof has any algae. Another thing that can cause problems for your roof is algae. And while it’s not something that you should be on the constant lookout for, once a season, do look to see if there is some growing on top of your roof. If there is, apply some zinc or lead control strips. Two websites that sell them are Z-Stop and Amazon. Go to either site and put “zinc strips for roofs” into the search field.

Inspect metal areas. It’s also very important to inspect the metal areas of your roof to see if there are any indications of rusting. If you do happen to notice some, the solution is relatively simple. First, wire brush the rust. Then prime and paint the metal. Also, if you have any flashing that doesn’t appear to be solid, remove the old caulking on it, clean it, and then reseal it.

Seal any cracked mortar. Say that you were to call Heritage Rooding & Waterproofing Inc. to get an estimate to waterproof your roof. If you were to ask a customer sales associate about something else that you should do in order to protect and maintain your roof, one thing that they might mention is that you should seal up any cracked mortar that you might have. You should especially do this around any of the joints or your chimney if you happen to notice signs of deterioration. You can get tips on how to do it properly by going to Family Handyman and putting “how to repair mortar joints” into the search field.

Remove any debris. Finally, make sure to remove debris from your roof every several weeks or so. Twigs, rocks, animal droppings – all of these things play an intricate role in potentially damaging your roof. You can remove most of these items rather easily with either the help of a broom or a leaf blower. If you’d like to know which brand of leaf blower is best, visit and put “best leaf blower reviews” into the search field.

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