Fun Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

With the holiday season comes cool weather, snowflakes, and all sorts of ways to decorate your house – just in time for all that Santa plans to bring. And if this year you’d like to take things up a notch by putting just as much effort into the exterior of your house (and your yard) as you would the inside, this article has some pretty great ideas for you to consider.

In fact, over the course of the next couple of minutes, you will read about five fun outdoor decorating ideas that are easy on the eyes and your wallet too!

Decorate your mailbox. Hopefully, you’ll be getting a lot of cards and perhaps even a few packages before the holiday season is over. So why not start by decorating your mailbox? It can be as simple as tying a huge red weather-treated bow around it or you can get even more creative. Southern Living and Design Rules are two websites that provide lots of inspiration. Go to them and put “decorate your mailbox for Christmas” in the search field.

Make your own wreath. A traditional decor piece for the front door is a wreath. But who said that you had to purchase one from a florist or an arts and crafts store? There are actually a lot of websites that will walk you through how to make the perfect one to fit the design of your home along with your personal style. One website that has a myriad of inspirational ideas is Woo Home. Go to the site and put “DIY Christmas wreath ideas” in the search field.

Design a candy cane holder. Who doesn’t love candy canes? And so, before someone even walks inside of your house to see them hanging from the tree or before they can enjoy one inside of their cup of hot cocoa, design a candy cane holder outside. All you need is a huge vase (or plant holder), some large store-bought plastic canes, and some weather-treated ribbon. It’s the perfect thing to go next to your front door (especially if it’s red).

Create a holiday-themed bird bath. Here’s something that your guests will find to be festive and unique and your bird visitors will be eternally thankful for: make a holiday-themed bird bath. Placing a few slices of frozen oranges along with some frozen cranberries and pepper berries in the bird bath will offer a striking color contrast to the white snow that’s all around it.

Get creative with lights. Trimming the house with lights is a holiday decorating tradition. And if you spoke with someone who works at WowLights Productions about some outdoor lighting things you should try, two things that they might mention are hanging lights that are made out of unique geometrical shapes and lighting the walkway of your home. As far as the best type of shapes to try, one visually stunning one that you can put in your trees is a set of Moravian stars. For tips on how to string them properly, visit HGTV and put “trees with Moravian stars” in the search field. Have (festive) fun!

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