5 Things You Should Do Before Moving to a New Home

You likely have a long checklist of things to do before you move to a new home. You’ll have to clean, repair, and stage your current home for sale. Or if you rent, you’ll need to get the place in shipshape if you want your deposit back. Then you need to pack up all your stuff, which can be a huge chore. You might even need to put some items into storage for a while. And if you have pets, chances are you’ll have to find a place to put them while your home is on the market and prospective buyers are marching through day and night. However, there are a few things you might forget or that you may not even know about if you’ve never moved before. Here are a few tips to make sure you get everything done (and done right) before you move to a new home.

  1. Clear the clutter. The task of moving will be made much easier with this preparatory practice. You should go through each room in your home and pull absolutely everything out. Along the way you can throw broken or useless items in the trash, create a pile of things you no longer use to sell at a yard sale (earning some extra cash for the move), and start boxing up items that you probably won’t need before you get to your new home. From there, the room can be thoroughly cleaned and leftover furniture and other items can be returned for staging purposes. And anything that doesn’t sell at your yard sale can be donated. After this prep work, you’ll have a lot less to pack and clean before you go.
  2. Change your address. You’ll want to make sure all of your mail comes to your new address, so you need to make a few calls to companies that send you bills and subscriptions to let them know you’re relocating. Then you’ll need to go through your contact list to send out a mass email or text message with your new address. You should also head to the local branch of the post office to file a forwarding address just in case some of your mail slips through the cracks.
  3. Transfer utilities. If you want the water, power, and gas to work the moment you move into your new place, it’s best to work with utility companies to transfer bills to your name in advance of the move. You should also extend the same courtesy to the new owners of your home so that they don’t find themselves painting in the dark or without the use of a toilet when they first take ownership.
  4. Catalog boxes. Knowing where boxes go in your new home (i.e. what room) is well and good, but even more useful whenmoving to a new home is knowing what’s inside them. So take the time to create numbered lists that correspond with numbers you place on boxes. Or download an app like Home Move Pro, Moving Checklist Pro, and Moving Van, just for example, that offers cataloging capabilities. As a bonus, you can check boxes as they come into your new home to make sure nothing is missing.
  5. Find reputable movers. It can take time to get referrals from trusted sources, check out user reviews on Yelp, and find a reputable and reliable company likeNorth Dallas Moving and Storage to help you get all your stuff from point A to point B. So don’t wait until the last minute to attend to this important detail.

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