Common Signs of Home Electrical Problems

If there are two things that every homeowner wants to work consistently and efficiently in their homes, it would have to be the plumbing and the electricity. And while both systems are designed in such a way that they usually do not require a lot of maintenance, whether it’s due to wear and tear or some other issue, you may sometimes experience plumbing or electrical problems.

When it comes to electrical issues specifically, you definitely don’t want to overlook them. Not only could it lead to really expensive repairs later down the road, but electrical problems can sometimes put you and your family in danger as well.

So, if you’d like to know about some of the common signs that you may have electrical problems inside of your home, here are five to be on the lookout for:

Problems with your circuit breaker. The purpose of a circuit breaker is that it’s specifically designed to trip if a circuit within the home is overloaded. It’s beneficial because should there be an overload, the circuit breaker prevents electrical wires from getting overheated and possibly starting a fire. Although occasional tripping is not something to be particularly alarmed about, if it happens often, do take special note of it – your breakers may need to be replaced.

Problems with your electrical shocks. Unless you’ve recently walked across the carpet and then touched an appliance, you should not feel any shocks when opening up your refrigerator or stove. If you do, that could be because there is a ground fault or faulty wiring with the appliance. So if you do notice feeling a mild shock or tingle consistently while using your appliances, that’s something that should not be ignored.

Problems with your lights. If once you turn on a light, one of the light bulbs goes out, that’s probably because the bulb is old. On the other hand, if you notice that a lot of the lights in various rooms of your house are flickering, that’s another indication that you have some sort of electrical problem. Although the issue may be with the light fixture itself, it might be a faulty wiring situation that a professional electrician should take a look at.

Problems with switches or outlets. If you were to speak with someone who works for Jackson Electrical Contractors about what can lead to an electrical fire in your home, one of the things that they might mention is a problem related to any of your switches or outlets. When one or both of these only work intermittently, it could be because the inside of the device is cracked or there is some loose wiring present. Either way, the problem will only get worse over time. You don’t want to overlook it. Have it inspected as soon as you possibly can.

Problems with strange odors. Another thing that you don’t need to take lightly is if you notice a burning smell coming from one of your outlets or switches. If you do, this could also be a strong indication that an electrical fire is about to happen. First, turn off the power on your electrical panel and then contact an electrician. Responding to strange smells immediately can be the key to saving your home. For tips on how to find a reputable electrician within your area, visit Angie’s List and put “hiring an electrician” in the search field.

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