How to Best Display Art and Antiques throughout Your Home

If you’re someone who loves to collect art and antiques and you’ve recently moved into a new house, you’re in the process of remodeling, or you’re not sure what to do with all of your pieces, this is a great article for you to read.

That’s because it’s going to provide you with some tips on how to display your art and antiques in such a way that it makes your home look stylish while making your guests feel warm and welcome, all at the same time.

Have fun with your porch. Before people see what is going on inside of your house, they first have to get past your porch. If you have an antique chair or even a day bed, consider displaying it on your porch. With the help of a couple of decorative pillows, it can be a cute and eye-catching addition to the exterior of your home.

Blow up some prints. Art isn’t only professional paintings or drawings that you may have. It’s also the candid pictures of your family members and friends that you may have taken with your digital camera or smartphone. All you have to do is email the files to your local Kinko’s, have the prints blown up to poster size and then attach a cardboard backing. Whether you go with color or black-and-white prints, they’ll be a beautiful way to decorate any wall, whether it’s your living room or one of your bedrooms.

Use an accent wall. Another creative way to showcase some of your art is to paint an accent wall to hang them on. By doing so, you make the accent wall the centerpiece of one of your rooms and the focal point of the art that you decide to hang on it. For some helpful tips on how to make an accent wall, go to Houzz or Benjamin Moore and put “create accent wall” in the search field.

Mix and match art and antiques. Suppose that you went to a store like Easy Pedestal to get a pedestal for an art piece and you asked a customer sales associate for a couple of art display tips. One of the things that they might recommend is you mix and match your art with actual antique pieces. By hanging pictures, vintage plates, and antique figurines all in the same area, it gives the space some added dimension. It also serves as a wonderful conversation piece inside of your home.

Make your antiques multi-purpose. Whether it’s an old basket, crate, or even a mailbox, don’t limit its possibilities. You can hang a basket or crate on your bathroom wall for towels to go into. Or if you have a vintage mailbox, you can put some rolls of toilet paper inside of it. Some antique display ideas include attaching some old wooden hangers to your bathroom wall and using them as towel racks or using an antique dresser drawer as a wine cabinet. The sky really is the limit! It’s all about being innovative and coming up with ways to make your antique pieces truly multi-purpose. For some other ideas of what you can do with your antiques, go to your favorite search engine and put “creative uses for antiques” in the search field.

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