5 Major Benefits of Energy Efficient Home Windows

There’s no denying that upgrading to energy efficient windows is a major expense. And you might not expect it to pay off in the same way that, say, a major bathroom or kitchen renovation will, which could leave you feeling like there are better ways to spend your remodeling dollars. But the truth is that you’ll gain a lot of unseen benefits when you rid your home of outdated and/or single-paned windows and upgrade to modern, energy efficient products. And you stand to see a fair amount of your initial expense coming back to you over time. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you decide to shell out the dough to install energy efficient windows in your home.

  1. The first thing you’ll notice when you finish the installation process is that your home is more comfortable overall. Subpar windows let in a lot of whatever weather is happening outside. This is especially true of single-paned glass, which doesn’t provide a very good barrier against the elements, and high and low temperatures in particular. Whether you’re dealing with leaks and drafts or your windows merely fail to keep out the cold, you’ll immediately discover the increased level of comfort that results from installing energy efficient windows throughout your home. And when you upgrade to additional panes of glass you’ll find that you notice less outside noise, as well.
  2. In addition to making your home more airtight and less drafty, energy efficient windows make it much easier to maintain a steady indoor temperature. Whereas you might have grown used to constantly adjusting the thermostat with your old windows in place, or having your central air kick on frequently in order to deal with constant temperature fluctuations in your home, you’ll experience a much different scenario when you upgrade your windows. Not only will you find yourself fiddling with the thermostat a lot less, but the temperature in your home will hold longer, using less energy.
  3. Monetary savings. While you’ll certainly enjoy your more comfortable home interior on a daily basis, the main draw for most homeowners when it comes to upgrading to energy efficient windows is the money that can be saved over time. It costs a pretty penny to outfit your home with new windows, to be sure, but you’ll see a drop in your utility bills immediately as a result. And over time you can begin to recoup your costs and potentially even come out ahead.
  4. Environmental friendliness. If you’re a card-carrying member of the greenie movement and you’ve vowed to do your part to cut your carbon footprint, upgrading the windows in your home is a good place to start. Not only will you gain a variety of personal benefits from this home improvement project, but you can do your part for environmental protection in the process by slashing energy demand.
  5. Home value. You can increase the value of your property in a number of ways. For example, you might gut your kitchen and do a complete remodel. Or you could add some square footage to your structure to increase the number of bedrooms or add a granny flat. You could also drop some dough at Lyndhurst Lumber Inc┬áto upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors. And in each case you’ll not only enjoy the benefits of such improvements while you live in your home, but you can use them as selling points down the road.

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