italian living room furniture ideas

8 Fabulous Italian Inspired Living Room Design Ideas

Be creative and make your dream come true with – When we talk about Italian home style, then we will talk about a variety of designs, styles, and ideas that we can get from a traditional to a modern look.italian living room furniture ideas

Italian design houses were able to mingle with slick between function and aesthetics so it is not wrong when Italy became a leader for art, design, and fashion.

Here are 8 fabulous Italian inspired living room design ideas.

  1. Walls in the living room usually apply the paint with colors such as pastels are popular for Italian Riviera, the color of whitewash to the Mediterranean. We will also find the use of bold colors and contrast of the Italian living room design that is used as a pressure on the details. The key so that we can make a living room look Italy are included in the selection of keeping the simplicity of the color on the walls.
  2. Ceilings for traditional Italian living room come in the form of high ceilings. We will find a variety of decorations and paintings on the ceiling of traditional Italian home. We can maximize the presence of paint to add a beautiful architectural ceiling.
  3. Flooring for Italian living room will bring us to the use of multiple choices of natural materials such as wood flooring, carpet, or stone. If we want to implement a modern style, then we can choose to use carpet or marble. If we want to implement a country-style, then we can choose to use a floor of wood or brick.
  4. Furniture in the living room-style Italian will take us on a mix of furniture with simple design and plenty of ornaments. The use of wood as the main materials for Italian style furniture comes with a simple piece that is able to reflect a view that is free of clutter.modern italian living room furniture
  5. Drapery on Italian-style living room will take us on a simplicity in design where the drapery is raised in a minimal portion using a curtain pole is made of metal.
  6. Window in the living room Italian style will bring us to the use of wood or wrought iron with the addition of shutters as a way to enhance the look of the interior of the window as a whole.
  7. If we want to apply the style of a modern Italian living room, then we will incorporate a number of design furniture slim, straight, and have high functionality. In addition we will also include a number of works of art so that we will get the eclectic modern living room with a charming color palette of Bohemian.
  8. Applying force transition in Italy living room will take us on a style that mixes two different designs that is both traditional and modern. We will need a unifying element that style can work well. To note that the color, shape, and texture of each component when combining both styles.

So, if we want to make our living room looks like Italian, then 8 fabulous Italian inspired living room design ideas above can be used as a great guidance.

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