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8 Must-Know Construction Materials in Architecture

Know each of them and choose the best – Before deciding to select and use construction materials appropriate to their needs, then we need to know what is included in the construction materials, knows the advantages and disadvantages of each, make comparisons, and just deciding which one is best for us to apply.wood building construction

There are several types of materials of construction that we can get from natural building materials to custom made building materials are made ​​according to the needs of each individual.

The existence of construction materials is very important in order to create a building that we are awake have a structure and form strong, sturdy, and beautiful.

Here are 8 must know construction materials in architecture that must be known.

  1. Clays and mud – this is one of the construction materials used in architecture for the construction of various buildings from all over the world since hundreds of years ago. The main advantage is the fact that we will get reliable power to tens of years into the future for the buildings we build. Why is this being one of the best materials? Well, this is because the clay and mud has good thermal mass that is capable of maintaining the temperature at a steady rate.
  2. Wood – this is one of the construction materials that have been used by people to build houses since thousands of years ago. Wood chosen because it is a durable material, capable of giving warmth, strong, sturdy, and has a beautiful aesthetic value.
  3. Stones – stones are one of the construction materials in architecture which is the oldest building materials in the world. There are different types of rocks to construct a building and we can choose the right type according to the needs of the building itself. Stone is a building material that is very strong and able to provide maximum protection for all types of weather.
  4. Rubble – is one of the construction materials are often used to strengthen the foundation walls. Rubble consists of various pieces of stone combined with gravel and then put together with cement.concrete building construction
  5. Concrete – is one of the construction materials used in the architecture of several chemicals known as aggregate – a mix of various types of gravel and sand coupled with certain chemicals which are then tied together by cement and water. By using concrete as a building material, then we will get reliable power for concrete capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  6. Steel – this is one of the construction materials that have several advantages ranging from strong, lightweight, and is a very popular material in architectural design.
  7. Composite materials – there are several types of materials belonging to the members and the composite materials including glass, foam, plastic, metal, and others. Some of these materials can be utilized as construction materials that will add to the strength and appeal of a building.
  8. Gravel and paving – this is the type of construction materials that can be applied to create a variety of things ranging from the walkway up to the main road. Both of these materials have been used since medieval times to the present.

With 8 must know construction materials in architecture above, then we have gained valuables information and can determine the type of material which will we choose to apply in the building.

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