Living Room Dining Room Combined

8 Tips How to Decorate Small Living Room Dining Room Combined

Tough and challenging work that extra-ordinary full of fun – Having a house with a limited area will take us on a challenging job in presenting the right decorating style. Living Room Dining Room Combined

To make the house look more spacious and pleasant, some homeowners decide to combine two or more rooms merge into one as the living room and dining room into one.

And here are 8 tips on how to decorate small living room dining room combined.

  1. Assess each room which we will combine and find the easiest way how to combine the two elements that exist in the two areas.
  2. Apply the same paint color for all the walls in each room. Decide which colors can work well on both the room, and because the room is small, choose a pastel color or neutral color so as to open up the room and give a wider view.
  3. Apply the same fabric in two rooms – both dining room and living room. Fabric is a fabric which is used as tablecloths and napkins in the dining room, and the fabric used as a pillow case in the living room. Consider the selection of fabric designs with colors that we apply in the room. To be safe, select the cloth with simple design and neutral colors.
  4. Apply carpet in the room and set it so that we can interpret the space as a space that has a distinct and separate function. Place a rug under the coffee table, and a rug under the dining table. Make sure we bring the same tone on both the carpet.western living room dining room furniture sets
  5. Apply the right kind of lighting in the room on the right. In order for the separation of the two rooms look real then choose to apply the pendant light in the dining room so that we would get the impression of a separate space visually.
  6. Perform the settings of the furniture in the living room according to function without leaving the aesthetic side. Enter the furniture with a sleek design so it takes up more space. And since this is a room that needs extensive lighting and bright then choose the proper type of lighting.
  7. Make sure that every piece of furniture that we enter into that space could work well with a small room. Make sure we feel comfortable with the furniture, functionality, and its layout.
  8. Apply a few potted plants into the room to keep the room feel more homey, friendly, and warm. We can also make the plant as a good divider to create a clear boundary in the both of the room.

Combining the two into one room like a living room and dining room which has a different function and purpose is a challenge, especially with the availability of the rooms were small. It will be a challenge that will require hard work from us to be able to bring a charming look at the two rooms.

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