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8 Guides How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Knobs And Handles

Get fresher look at kitchen cabinet with change the knobs and handles – As we know, knobs and handles are two types of hardware that would be found in a variety of cabinet design, including kitchen cabinets.ready to install kitchen cabinets

Both types of hardware that plays a very important role in order to maximize the functionality of kitchen cabinets while providing additional decorations on display kitchen cabinets as a whole.

If we want to make the atmosphere more fresh kitchen with limited funds, then replace all the hardware on the kitchen cabinets can be the perfect solution and here are 8 guides how to install kitchen cabinet knobs and handles.

  1. We will need a few supplies and equipment before starting the DIY projects namely screwdriver, drill bit the same size as the screw on the knob, drill, pencil, door knob template, and back-plates.
  2. Mark the location of door knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets by using templates. Anyway, we can get the template at a local hardware store which will help us in a variety of places with proper marking, and type of material templates that we use are usually made ​​of plastic.
  3. Having marked all the locations and positions of knobs and handles of kitchen cabinets, then the next step we need to do is release all the hardware from its place. Make sure we take off all the existing hinges, put all the kitchen cabinets hardware in the same container, and place the doors of kitchen cabinets in a spacious place where we can work freely and safely drill.
  4. Perform drilling holes at each marked by using a drill bit the same size as the screws that will apply on knobs kitchen cabinets.install kitchen cabinets before or after floor
  5. Make sure we do the drilling gently on the safe table work. This we do in order to prevent cracks or separations in the wood kitchen cabinets are certainly not something we want.
  6. Threaded screws through the back door of kitchen cabinet, arrange a meeting with a knob or a handle screws, then use a finger to rotate faster. If we decide to use back-plates, then applied back-plates between the cabinet and knob or handle. Because the use of back-plates is optional, then we can choose not to use it – it’s up to the tastes and needs of each.
  7. Once everything is installed, it’s time to tighten all the existing knobs using a screwdriver. Make sure we use a screwdriver that fits the screw head to prevent slip and make chipped kitchen cabinets.
  8. Restore all the knobs and handles on the kitchen cabinets into position and screw the back of each door with hinges.

Well, we have gained a fresh new look to kitchen cabinets by replacing the knobs and handles by ourselves. It’s not a hard work to do, right?

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